John Lurie Returns as Marvin Pontiac

In recent years, John Lurie has been known more for his artwork and entertaining Twitter feed than his music career. An ongoing battle with Lyme disease has kept the former Lounge Lizards leader sidelined. In fact, his last formal release was 1999's The Legendary Marvin Pontiac. That changed on Friday when Lurie emerged with a brief statement announcing a new digital release:

The Asylum Tapes marks the return of Lurie's Marvin Pontiac alias. Lurie sings on the album and his stream-of-consciousness style is a direct compliment to his artwork. Pontiac is a fictitious, deceased mental patient that Lurie cultivated and even went as far to write a full biography for:

Marvin Pontiac was hit and killed by a bus in June 1977 ending the life of one of the most enigmatic geniuses of modern music. He was born in 1932, the son of an African father from Mali and a white Jewish mother from New Rochelle, New York. The father’s original last name was Toure but he changed it to Pontiac when the family moved to Detroit, believing it to be a conventional American name.

According to later tweets by Lurie, there are no plans for a physical release for The Asylum Tapes or any live appearances, but it sure is great to have him active in the music realm again.

Photo courtesy of Ray Henders