Jawbreaker Documentary to Premiere in August

Jawbreaker are currently preparing for their first live performance in more than twenty years, which will take place at Riot Fest in September. However, that is not the only bit of exciting news from the legendary San Francisco trio. The long-awaited documentary about the band has a trailer and a premiere date. Directed by Tim Irwin and produced by Keith Schieron (the team behind 2005's Minutemen documentary, We Jam Econo), Don't Break Down examines the legacy of Jawbreaker and the factors that led them to disband in 1996. The trailer can be seen below and the film will premiere on August 11th at the Alamo Drafthouse in San Francisco. Fans of singer Blake Schwarzenbach's post-Jawbreaker outfit Jets To Brazil may also be interested to learn that Epitaph are finally reissuing all three of that group's records on vinyl on August 18th.

Images and trailer courtesy of Jawbreaker and Don't Break Down production site