Grouper Releases Lost Track from Ruins

In light of recent threats from our incompetent President to ban members of the transgender community from serving in the military, Bandcamp has announced that they will donate 100% of their profits today to the Transgender Law Center. A long list of record labels and artists have announced that they will do the same. In honor of this event, Liz Harris of Grouper has published "Children," an unreleased track from 2014's Ruins. All of today's profits from the track will be donated to the three charities that Harris has included in her description below.

Towards the end of making RUINS I wrote a song that never made it onto the album. Though it felt aesthetically similar, something about the content and energy felt distinct in a way that didn’t fit the rest of the music. I pushed it away, unsure what to do with it, and eventually forgot I’d recorded it. This year, amidst chaotic and painful political times, while working on another project, it reemerged and made more sense.

I will be donating all the proceeds for the next 24 hours to Silvia Rivera Law Center, Transgender Law Center and Trans Assistance Project.
— Liz Harris

Image courtesy of Grouper Bandcamp